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HiFi Pig Magazine Review

HiFi PiG Says: What a very cool idea to protect equipment, particularly if you have several pairs of speakers and rotate their use.

HiFi PiG November 2023

HiFi Pig Mag Review

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HiFi PiG’s Magazine “Pick Of The Day”

Colt Capperrune Studio Tour

Colt Capperrune explaining his custom-made ARB Covers for the Focal Trio 11 Be

Present Day Production

The boys at Present Day Production quickly explain their MUM 6 monitors and working with ARB Covers.

Julian Smith - ARB Covers for the Genelec 8331A (UK)

ARB Covers is a brilliant little company:

“I wanted to protect a pair of high-end studio monitors and was led towards ARB Covers by a friend. I can’t thank them enough because, from the first contact with Gavin, the owner of ARB covers, I felt welcomed and looked after as a customer.

He went through the various styles and colours etc. Then based on my design choices he gave me a turnaround timeframe which I was very happy with. (He even got the job done a couple of weeks earlier than stated).

Super happy with the final product and the delivery service was just as good too. Trust me guys, use this company if you want fine-quality craftsmanship.”

Julian Smith – ARB Covers for the Genelec 8331A (UK)

Tom - Kii Audio Three (Israel)

My ARB covers are perfect. Buying them was the best decision because I’m no longer stressed about the speakers getting damaged. They look great, fit perfectly, and are highly protective.

Tom  – ARB Covers for the Kii Audio Three (ISRAEL)

Dan Worth - Kii Audio Three (UK)

“I recently purchased a pair of Kii Audio Three speakers for my living room and what with having a 1-year-old thought I’d best pick up some material and get a set of covers made to protect them from my daughter’s probing little digits.

Looked at all sorts of material and was struggling to make a decision, so much so that the speakers were due to arrive in two days!

I thought I’d hedge my bets and Google Kii Three covers and low and behold someone had already made some for me!

This was a bit of a godsend, to say the least, the Kiis aren’t just your typical rectangular box, they do have some nice curves and the ARB Covers weren’t lazily designed to cover the speaker, they were created to hug them nicely.

The inside of an ARB Cover is a thick fleece lining to protect the finish of the speaker and the outer is a waterproof quilted material, piped edges and finished beautifully in a range of colours.

I bought the red and white versions, with the owner Gavin allowing me to return the colour I chose not to keep. He even included a pre-paid DHL return label!

Needless to say, I’m extremely happy with these covers as they provide great protection for my speakers – thanks Gavin”

Dan Worth  – ARB Covers for the Kii Audio Three (UK)


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