“Gavin and the team at ARB Covers went above and beyond our expectations. The tailored solution they came up with not only looks stunning but also incorporates extra protection where it matters. We now have total confidences when we take one of our large format systems on the road that it will arrive safely without marks or damage to any of the soft dome drivers. We are now looking at other products that may benefit from this sort of protection offered by ARB Covers.”

Adam a3x Single

FOCAL TWin6 Be Single

Adam a5x Single

Adam a7x Single

Adam a8x Single

Adam a77x Single

Protect the most important piece of equipment in your studio.

ARB Covers is a small boutique based in Birmingham, United Kingdom providing speaker and monitor covers like never before.

ARB Covers are tailor-made quilted polyester cotton mix fabric with a double diamond stitching with a soft warm and breathable anti-pill fleece inner lining. Finished in a black binding edge, ARB Covers woven patch on front, Union Jack woven patch on the side and treated with Flametect "Nitro".

Thanks to its open back design simply place the cover over your monitor for peace of mind knowing that when you arrive at your next session, they’re 100% safe.

Let's start keeping your monitors dust free & protected.  #protectyourmonitors

Introducing AX-Covers

Introducing  Twin 6 Be-Covers

ARB Covers for the ADAM AX Series / A3x, A5x, A7x, A8x and A77x

ARB Covers for the FOCAL Twin6 Be

* Although very nice folks, ARB Covers is not affiliated with ADAM Audio

* Although also very nice folks, ARB Covers is not affiliated with Focal

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About the adam ax series

The AX-Series from ADAM Audio provides you with a wide range of monitors for different applications. Their excellent price-performance ratio makes them suitable for professional studio applications as well as upscale home recording.

arb covers (ax / twin6 be)

A3X, A5X, A7X, A8X,A77X and Twin6 Be (More coming soon 2019)

Tailor made quilted covers with a double diamond stitch (FOCAL Waterproof)

Soft warm and breathable anti-pill fleece inner lining

Protection from everyday dust, cold environments and unexpected accidents

Open back access, so no need to disconnect any cables

Flame retardant protection by Flametect "Nitro"

Want a custom cover made? Fancy your logo embroidered? No problemo. Please visit the contact page.

Make it loud, make it with and Make it British

Cover that shit up

Studio life gets dirty mate, play it safe and

ARB Covers provides protection to your studio monitors like never before. From small set ups to multi-million pounds studios.

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Keeping my Adam A77X's pristine in the studio.

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I am Loving these speaker covers.

ready for the next studio session.

Saves me time from dusting them!

Good to know that my monitors will be the same working condition

I put these bad boys on my A7X's every evening. Great quality+

Mark Hill (The Original Dodger)

Dudley Strangeways ( Leftback)

Ben Remember (Toolroom)


New covers in 2019 /

New covers in 2019 /

New covers in 2019 /

New covers in 2019

New covers in 2019 /