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ARB Covers is based in Birmingham (United Kingdom) and provides studio monitors/equipment dust covers.


We design & create quilted covers for your speakers/monitors/studio & HiFi equipment.

You have paid good money so let’s start to keep your investment protected from dust, moving studio arrangements, cold working environments and unexpected accidents (knocks & scuffs).

Working with the ARB Covers signature ‘Double Diamond’ waterproof quilt, these covers have been designed with soft inner fleece to carefully fit over your products with easy access for cables to pass.

When you have finished using your monitors, simply place the covers over them until the next time. We provide a spectrum of quilted colours, inner fleeces and binding edges with options for embroidery/printed company logos for that bespoke look.

Fully customizable covers can be provided so please visit the contact page for more info.

For audio people who know.

Bespoke covers

“Starting in early 2017, ARB Covers was an idea of mine to protect my own studio monitors while I was away from my home studio. I wanted to keep them protected from any dust & cold studio environment until I arrived back. Understanding that there wasn't anything to cover these monitors on the market, I decided to make my own to fit for purpose. The growth of ARB Covers has increased tenfold each year from customers with the same problems."

"Making our way into 2023, ARB Covers has provided covers for many clients around the world keeping their studio investments protected.”


ARB Covers has provided covers for brands:

Studio monitor/speakers/mixing console brands:

Adam Audio • Amphion • API • ATC • Audient • Barefoot • Brelliott • EVE Audio • Ex Machina • Focal •  Fyne Audio • Genelec • Hartke • HEDD • Kii Three • Neumann • O.S Acoustics • PMC • PSI Audio • Q Acoustics • Quested • SAS Acoustic • Slate (MTi2 + MTZ) • Solid State Logic • Sterling Modular • Tannoy & Telegrapher Loudspeakers

*ARB Covers is not affiliated with any of the companies above


Abatis Studio • AKADIAN • Anthony Rodriguez (USA) • Annie Erriez • Aubrey Whitfield • Audiosonix Engineering • Beats by JBlack (USA) • Ben Remember • Big Sky Music Studio (USA) • Bloodline Music • Bunny • Coconut Hill Studio • D.L (Germany) • DRB Music  • D. Ramirez • Dudley Strangeways • DW (Australia) • Colt Capperrune (USA) • F.Sanchez (Chile) • Giraffe Audio • Kurves • John Fisher Music • JPG (Germany) • Made By Pete • Mark Hill • Matt Guy • Mo Volans • Monochrome Productions • Mount Street Studios • Niels Koops (Holland) • Peter Dugdale (Australia) • Prok & Fitch • Raid Zero (USA) • Redroom Studios 101 (Canada) • Regent Studio • Roel Van Wees (Holland) • Ross Wareing • Shadow Child • Sorley • Studio Des Aviateurs (France) • The Fuselage Mastering (USA) • Third Son • TIJN • Tony Faulker • TouchTone DSG (USA) • Unwind Music Studio (Canada)


Selling worldwide since 2017

"Huge thanks to Gav for sending these over for my EVE SC307 monitors. Fleece-lined and really well made. Very quick and easy to put on. Geat product."

Made By Pete - Crosstown Rebels / Selador Recording (UK)

"Super high quality, soft inner fleece on the inside, water-resistant, keeps the dust off & loads of colour choices. Great protection for expensive studio gear."

Colt Capperrune - Mix engineer / YouTuber (USA)

"Amazing quality covers! So great to use these on my Adam A77X speakers in the studio, can’t fault them at all, well worth the investment to keep the speakers in top condition"


"Gavin and the team at ARB Covers went above and beyond our expectations. The tailored solution they came up with not only looks stunning but also incorporates extra protection where it matters."

Stuart Down - Quested Monitoring Systems (UK)

"I am very pleased and satisfied that I ordered full sets of covers for all my studio gears from ARB Covers! Great communication and fabulous designs, as well as their limitless colour combinations to choose from! I highly recommend this great company. Keep up the great job!"

Amirali Kamali - Unwind Music Studio (Canada)

"ARB Covers for my Quested S Series and Raven Mti 2 feels cozy. Waterproof and fleece in the inside. If you have studio gear, consider ARB Covers. They are down to earth and great to work with. Get it!"

Anthony Rodriguez - The Writing Room Productions (USA)


If you are looking for a custom made cover, simply call us on 0333 050 4261 or send us an email at [email protected]



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