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Which is one of the most important piece(s) of equipment in your studio or home set up?


ARB Covers is a small boutique based in Birmingham (UK) which provide speaker/monitors covers like never before..

‍‍‍Tailor-made quilted polye‍‍‍ster cotton mix fabric with a double diamond stitching (135g wadding) with a soft warm and breathable anti- pill fleece (Black or Orange) inner lining.

All covers are finished with a black binding edge, with a ARB Covers woven patch on front, Union Jack woven garment on the side and treated with Flametect "Nitro" (Multi-purpose flame retardant)

When you have finished listening for the day, simply place the cover over (Thanks to its open back design) for peace of mind knowing that when you arrive at your next session, they are 100% safe..

Please get in touch if you would like custom made covers.


0333 050 4261 (UK)